Frequently Asked
General Knowledge
Getting started with creating a website involves a few key steps, including acquiring a domain name, setting up hosting, and obtaining an SSL certificate
A domain name is a human-readable web address used to identify and locate websites on the internet.
Is a service that allows individuals and organizations to make their websites and web-based applications accessible on the internet, simply is the online storage where your website lives
Is a digital certificate that helps secure the data transmitted between a user's web browser and a website's server
Setting up an email service for your domain involves domain registration and selecting an email hosting package
The time it takes to complete a website can vary significantly based on several factors. There is no fixed duration, and the timeline for website development depends on the complexity and specific requirements of the project. Usually, our team strives to deliver as soon as possible
Technical Details
We currently employ the LAMP technology stack; however, we have plans to transition to MEAN and MERN stacks in the near future
Absolutely, our technology is built with compatibility in mind and is designed to work seamlessly across various operating systems and devices. Whether you're using Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, or Linux, our solutions are optimized to provide a consistent and reliable user experience.
We employ robust encryption, adhere to industry standards, conduct regular security audits, and control data access. We have strict authentication measures, data backup, and disaster recovery plans in place to ensure data protection and availability.
Our update schedule is based on a combination of factors, including user feedback, emerging technologies, and industry trends. This dynamic approach allows us to release updates as often as needed to enhance the user experience and maintain the highest level of security and performance.
Our uptime track record consistently exceeds industry standards, with a rate of over 99.9%. We achieve this reliability through redundant systems, backup solutions, and rigorous monitoring. In the rare event of maintenance or downtime, we communicate transparently with our users and strive to minimize disruptions.
We have a disaster recovery plan. This plan includes redundant systems, automated failover procedures, and regular data backups to ensure minimal downtime and data loss. We conduct regular drills and tests to validate the effectiveness of our disaster recovery procedures, guaranteeing that our users experience minimal disruption in the event of unexpected failures or outages.
Customer Support and Training
You can reach our customer support team through, email, where you can send detailed inquiries and receive written responses; phone, where you can have direct conversations with our support representatives for immediate assistance; and chat, which offers real-time messaging for quick problem-solving.
Yes, we provide a wealth of training resources and tutorials to help you maximize the use of our products. These resources include video tutorials, user guides, and documentation. Whether you're a new user or looking to explore advanced features, our training materials are designed to support your journey.
Our team is committed to providing timely assistance. The typical response time for support inquiries is within 24 hours. We aim to address your questions and issues promptly to ensure a smooth and productive experience with our products and services.
For larger implementations, we offer on-site training and consultations where our experts come to the client's location to provide in-person training and tailored guidance. This approach ensures a seamless and successful integration of our products and services, addressing specific organizational needs and challenges efficiently.
Pricing and Payment
Our pricing structure is customized to each client's unique needs, factoring in variables such as user count, service scope, and specific requirements. This tailored approach ensures cost-effectiveness and scalability, allowing clients to pay only for the services and features essential to their operations.
Yes, we offer multiple pricing tiers and plans. Each pricing tier is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of individual customers, small and medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises. These tiers may come with varying features and service levels, allowing clients to choose the plan that best aligns with their requirements and budget.
We offer a free trial period, giving users the opportunity to explore our technology and assess how it aligns with their specific needs and objectives. During this trial period, users have full access to our technology solutions, enabling them to experience the features, functionality, and user experience firsthand.
Payments can be made through various platforms including bank transfer, credit cards, and mobile payments. We readily accept direct payments via mobile payment methods.
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